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Cannabis Testing: A Critical Safeguard


An overview from Genifer Murray, CEO of CannLabs 
CannLabs, Inc. provides science and analytical testing to the cannabis industry to ensure the health and safety of consumers and to maxamize quality of products. Learn more.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow rapidly, we at CannLabs are seeing a great deal of change in cannabis testing regulations. With cannabis and cannabis-infused products that are being made and distributed so rapidly, the opportunity for error in production has increased significantly. The State of Colorado has created a set of cannabis testing requirements to protect patients and recreational consumers, which include the introduction of regulated, third party testing for all cannabis products.

Third-party cannabis testing is a critical safeguard for medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis consumers. Should a dispensary or grow operation forego third-party product testing, the danger to their customers is clear. Mold, pesticides, aflatoxins and other harmful contaminants may be present on the cannabis products they distribute. 

Some may argue that certain dispensaries are more responsible, and a handful conduct their own testing as a safeguard. However, the tests performed by individual dispensaries are not regulated or consistent, and are at risk for bias. Every test that is performed by an independent third party avoids that issue. CannLabs is the nation’s top cannabis testing facility, and our independent testing is consistent with state regulations.

Watch our webinar with the Lab Director of CannLabs, Heather Despres


Webinar: Nevada's state licensing

Webinar: Latest updates on the licensure process in Nevada

- Draft regs released with public comment
- Final regs to be released this month
- Applications will be released with a 45 business day notice on the ten day application period

- Local review processes are very different at this point, but still evolving
- Some local processes are very transparent and business-friendly so far, some are complex and restrictive
- Clark County is nearly finished, and will be taking applications for special use permits within 30 days
- Timeline for City of Las Vegas
- Latest updates for North Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno and Sparks.

About Joe Brezny:
Joe Brezny is the Executive Director of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. He spent 22 years managing political and legislative operations for state parties, legislative caucuses, and candidates at the local, state and federal levels. Joe has spent the last four years as a nonpartisan political adviser to trade associations, developing and implementing strategies that organize their members in order to effectively engage in the political process.

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Feature Additions to Streamline MITS Workflow - Webinar

MJ Freeway’s special release, including tailored logic to match MITS workflow for tracking and applying tags. Also, we cover the ability to apply MITS tags in GrowTracker®. 

See new reporting ability around MITS tag sales and MITS tag inventory. Identify sales item tags and inventory tags more easily in MJ Freeway’s reporting engine. 

We address existing product set up for tracking inventory as Grams vs Each, and walk through common troubleshooting issues with MITS exports. 


Webinar: What you need to know about credit card processing

Learn more about the impact of the recent banking memos on credit card processing.

This informative webinar covers the current merchant services environment for the cannabis industry. Understand the risks of accepting credit cards prematurely and gain accurate insight about banking and the marijuana industry. 

Our presenters:

Aaron Smith is co-founder and executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. Aaron has successfully built coalitions with elected officials on both sides of the aisle in order to advance marijuana law reform legislation in the state capitol and among the voting public. Aaron's opinion pieces have appeared in major newspapers, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and The New York Times, and he has been a frequent commentator on national television news networks. 

Stephen Brudner is the managing director of Merchant Services Consulting Group, a company that specializes in providing merchant services. His expertise on the relationship between banking and the cannabis industry has recently been quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Working with multiple banks and processors, his company strives to find the best combination for each business.


Nevada's developing regulatory process

An update from Joe Brezny

Joe is the Executive Director of the Nevada Cannabis Industry Association. Joe will be presenting during our April webinar regarding Nevada's state progress.

Nevada is currently deep in the local regulatory process. Local municipalities are developing rules on any additional regulations they will add on top of the state requirements, and the methodology to be used to secure local permitting for the sites.

Unincorporated Clark County, where the Las Vegas strip is located, will have local regulations finished by mid-March. The remaining municipalities that are participating should finish their regulatory requirements by the end of March.

The city of Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas, has pushed their moratorium on applications to mid-summer, effectively taking themselves out of the running for the first round of dispensaries. This is the only major area in the state to push off implementation of the new law.

In summary: the locals that are going forward will have regulations in place by April, the state will release the application in late June or July, and the first licenses should be issued by the end of the year.