Why MJ Freeway Is Your Best Choice for an Industry POS

Our custom Point of Sale (POS), inventory, sales, and grow management software is built specifically for the complicated needs of cannabis businesses.  We are constantly developing better features and options to ensure that everyone in this industry can safely, effectively, and successfully run their Center, Dispensary, or Grow operation.  

We service those who are dedicated to meeting all state compliance regulation, streamlining their business processes, and protecting their financial and patient records with HIPAA-protocol standards.

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  • Advantages - Explore how MJ Freeway is different from any other software provider in the marijuana industry.

  • Video Testimonials - Watch and hear from actual customers who choose MJ Freeway over all others.

  • Written Testimonials - Don't take our word for it, read the letters from those who have chosen MJ Freeway - even after trying the others. 

  • Training - Easy to use, powerful tools. Here you can find examples, instructions, videos, walkthoughs and more.   

  • FAQs - Got a question? Check to see if we've already answered it.

  • Security - Learn about our policies on off-site, secure server record storage and HIPAA-protocol standards.