Our seed to sale tracking system helps improve your business workflow, tracks your inventory, and maximizes your sales. Each suite is specifically designed to support the entire marijuana production and distribution process from seed to sale. Available Worldwide, currently in English, Spanish, and French. Use each product independently, or combine them for an integrated business solution.

GrowTracker® for Producers and Cultivators
MixTracker™ for Processors and Infused Product Manufacturers
GramTracker® for Collectives, Clubs, Dispensaries, and Retailers

MJ Freeway guarantees state and federal compliance and will integrate with state systems where available. The marijuana industry is rapidly expanding and it is vital to track the process so that each gram is fully accounted for. As a regulated industry, strict compliance with state and federal regulations is a necessity.

With our comprehensive tracking software, you can sustainably grow your business. Minimize product loss and increase efficiency by tracking all of your costs and yields. All you need is an internet connection—you can access the software from different devices, including PCs and tablets.

An Excellent Recordkeeping Suite

MJ Freeway’s seed to sale tracking software provides dispensaries, cultivators and manufacturers with an excellent recordkeeping suite. Not only can you track your products and ROI, but you can also keep record of your patients and customer details.

All of our products include online training and remote support. You also receive access to our extensive knowledge database, which includes tutorials, videos, and other information.

  • GrowTracker

    Easily manage your grow operation from seed to harvest. Designed exclusively for grow production and tracking management, GrowTracker offers intuitive tools.

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  • MixTracker

    MixTracker™ easily manages the entire manufacturing process for marijuana products, such as edibles, concentrates, and extracts.

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  • GramTracker

    Track every gram and every dollar with GramTracker’s patent-pending, customized inventory tracking tools. GramTracker helps control costs and maximize efficiency.

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MJ Mobile

Provide a mobile application for your business that is fully equipped for pre-order and delivery capabilities, and fully integrated with MJ Freeway’s state-of-the-art inventory and order management platform. This allows for real-time inventory visibility, real-time order visibility, and real-time control of the customer experience.

MJ Express

Give your customers a new in-store shopping experience. MJ Express is a tablet-based ordering platform, giving your customers the freedom to browse your inventory on a tablet and select their products. Improve your retail flow with self-service ordering and express pickup lines. Fully integrated with your MJ Freeway inventory and pricing.

Digital Menu

Draw customer attention with a bright, digital menu display at your operation. A full integration with MJ Freeway means your products and pricing will display in real-time, no manual updates necessary. Manage announcements, product promotions, and photo galleries through an easy-to-navigate, wireless dashboard.


While you don’t NEED any special hardware to get MJ Freeway up and running, there are several peripherals that will definitely make life easier. MJ Freeway is ready to integrate with an integrated scale, label printer, barcode scanner, touch screen monitor, cash drawer, and/or receipt printer.

    • Labels, Printers & More

      Premium labels, printers & supplies to meet market requirements.

    • Mobile Accessories

      Create an efficient, mobile workflow at your operation with convenient accessories.

    • Scales

      Certified, accurate, ‘Legal-for-Trade’ scales that integrate with MJ Freeway.

    • Scanners

      Maximize efficiency at your cannabis business with a variety of integrated scanners.

    • Swipers

      Easily check in patients & customers by swiping their state-issued license.

    • Waterproof Printing

      High-performance materials for cultivation environments with water & humidity.

    • Build-Your-Own Budtending Station

      Create a fully-featured terminal, or find additional hardware for your existing computers.


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Stock up your storefront with necessary packaging, smoking accessories, and consumer products.

    • Oil Slick Products

      Quality products and tools designed for concentrate storage.

    • PAX2 Device & Accessories

      High-end, hand-held, rechargeable vaporizer.

    • Smoke Accessories

      Offer your customers new ways to consume with these accessories.

    • Bottles

      Air tight, child resistant bottles to protect your product out the door.

    • Gloves

      Handle product with sanitary gloves.

    • Bags

      Protect your product with seal-able bags available in a variety of sizes.

    • Secure Bags

      With locking zippers, these child proof bags are a great way to secure your product.

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