MJ Mobile

  • Real-Time Insight

    Create a white-labeled mobile application for your dispensary! Fully equipped for pre-order and delivery capabilities, and fully integrated with MJ Freeway’s state-of-the-art inventory and order management platform. Real-time inventory visibility, real-time order visibility, real-time control of the customer experience.

  • Own the Relationship

    Customers are increasingly interacting with dispensaries through mobile devices. You need a way to own the mobile relationship with your customers, rather than sharing the experience with your competitors on a locator site. Build customer loyalty, increase sales, adapt to market demands, and become leaders in the cannabis industry.

  • Stay Connected

    Work with the MJ Freeway team to develop an app for your business that is iPhone and Android ready. Manage coupons, specials, and announcements through an easy-to-navigate dashboard so you can reach your customers quickly and on your terms.



If you are an MJF customer select the integrated version to ensure real-time integration with your inventory and pricing. Set up: $499 / Monthly Fee $279

Integrated with MJ Freeway

For those who prefer to update products and pricing directly on the application, select the stand alone app. Set up: $399 / Monthly Fee $229

Stand-Alone Application

  • Justin, Elite Medical Collective

    An awesome and easy to use app for the cannabis community. Ability to keep your patients up to date on products and events with your collective. Also cool to have your own app for them to download.

  • Dori, Alchemy of CannaBliss

    The program is easy to use. I like that we can display pictures and change the menu when necessary. Our patients love having a separate app that has everything on our menu. Thanks!!!