GrowTracker® -Manage, Monitor and Streamline Your Grow Facility


The artist who grows the greatest strain for less, wins...

If you are a grower of marijuana, GrowTracker®:

  • Tracks every plant to each states compliance requirements from seed to harvest.
  • Proactively manages your harvests
  • Track your nutrients, schedules, yields, environmental variables and grow costs.
  • Uses historical data and test results to enhance and predict the greatest weed on earth.
  • Provides RFID, Batch and Plant tracking to each states requirements.
  • Creates state approved dispatch and transit tickets and allows the grow, nutrient and ingredient history to be automatically transferred into any MJ Freeway GramTracker® system.

Secret Recipes

Your information is safely stored on the same off-site HIPAA compliant servers as your patient and sales data.

Grow Dashboard

One view of every plant, count, harvest, location and strain. Integrated with patient limits so you never overgrow.

A Manufacturing System

This is a big beautiful green factory. It has costs, yields and work to be done. And it all needs to be tracked.

Batch Tracking

Required in Arizona and Colorado, this allows you to follow your product all the way to the patient. In other states, batch tracking allows you to follow each purchase of a strain, so you can see which Blueberry sells best.

Know your plants

Every plant, every warehouse, every grow light, every harvest. When it's due, what to expect, and when to plant again.

Wet weight really?

Yes, really. If you are in Colorado, you will need to track it and our system makes it easy.

Never run out

Emergencies are for amateurs. Manage your grow, nutrients and costs predicatively and professionally.

It's a small world

The same interface and internet-based system means that you don't need to retrain your employees as they help out in other areas.

Why does the truck smell?

Our system tracks transit weight with integrated scales on both sides.


Never have to type data twice when MJ Freeway is your platform.