GramTracker® Manage, Monitor and Streamline your Medical Marijuana Center, Co-op, Delivery Service and Dispensary

Knowing your inventory, sales and patients at all times is the only way to run a professional business.

If you sell medical marijuana, GramTracker® is the only software that:

  • Tracks every gram of Medical Marijuana from harvest to patient so you know where every one of those grams are going. MJ Freeway even tracks grams that turn to shake, evaporate, are weighed heavy or legitimately spilled, leaving only theft to stand out.
  • Tracks every patient and their relevant information to justify each transaction and property reward your most loyal patients.
  • Tracks every dollar so that you can maximize your return and your marketing efforts.

Integrated Scale

Everywhere inventory changes so there are no potholes.

Point of Sale

Every aspect needed in a sales terminal and peripheral interface is available.

Three Clicks or Fewer

Any product, any weight accurately accounting for the real weight from the scale.

One Swipe One Click Check In

Our unique Drivers License check-in, and record creation allows the fewest key strokes necessary to create or check in a patient.


Reports, reports, reports...Plus extensive report customization and the ability to export to Excel and Quickbooks.

Independent Bulk Inventories

Makes reconciliation easy and identifying theft easier. You only need to reconcile the grams you want to keep.

Quickbooks Integration

More bookkeepers recommend MJ Freeway than any other system for MMJ tracking. We export all the financials but keep the HIPAA stuff out.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

Simply swipe and go. You can even use the same swipe as the drivers license verification.

The Internet Is Everywhere

Log in from anywhere to see the sales, inventory and even specific budtender sales as they are being made. All in real time.

It's not easy being green

We only serve this industry. And we do so with wind powered electricity and zero carbon emissions.

Easiest is always best

We have written more than 1.5 million lines of software just to simply legitimize Medical Marijuana. When we find an easier way to track every gram, we will.