Marijuana Software for Dispensary and Collective POS

MJ Freeway's Features

MJ Freeway is dedicated to providing the features and functionality that this industry needs to run professionally and compliantly anywhere Medical Marijuana is recognized. We do this with a simple, easy to use system.

GramTracker® (includes Patient, Point of Sale and Inventory)

Patient Management

  • Create Patient record with a photo of patient and scan of their ID and docs. 
  • Driver's license mag stripe scans and 2-D barcode support for patient verification and new record creation ease, available for all state's licenses.
  • Offsite secure storage of sensitive information per HIPAA Compliance.
  • Purchase history instantly available.
  • Record key information including: MMJ card expiration date, purchase volume, etc.
  • Management ability to prohibit sales to an expired membership.
  • Capture all important patient information including: name, phones, email, mailing address, physician information, Rx verification, MMJ card and expiration, birth date, designated caregiver status, diagnosis information/symptoms, favorites, preferred contact method, permission to communicate, and paperwork status.

Point of Sale System 

  • Ability to print comprehensive medicine labels and receipts at the time of sale. This may include dispensary information, disclaimer, medication details, and patient information, strain tests and ingredients.
  • Create and apply discounts and specials.
  • Each transaction is tied to inventory to a fraction of a gram.
  • Easy to add notes to current or previous transactions for tracking symptoms/effectiveness.
  • Easy to navigate menu list of products with your custom attributes.
  • Sale in grams, ounces, or by the piece.
  • Sales of non-medicated products to the general public.
  • Support for common POS hardware, including legal for trade .01g scales, cash drawers, receipt and label printers, bar code scanners, touch screen monitors and magnetic card swipe.

Inventory Management

  • Record your inventory to the fraction of a gram.
  • Unlimited inventory categories, so adding items quick and easy.
  • Ability to set up specials by product or across all products.
  • One click conversion of inventory from bulk MMJ to an MMJ product like joint or brownie.
  • Record both “weighed quantity” and “charged quantity”. If you decide to weigh a dose a little bit heavy, that amount is deducted from inventory and recorded so that your inventory reports remain accurate. Also this can be printed on the labels so that patients know when they received an “extra.”
  • Ability to follow and sort product by a nearly infinite number of custom attributes.
  • Generate bar codes and product labels on the fly.
  • Easy inventory reports for a clear snapshot of your products at any time.
  • Restricted inventory adjustment screens and reports.
  • Vendor and Purchase Order recording--including the ability to record purchases from vendors by date, weight, and product. This makes vendor compliance with Colorado and Arizona requirements easy.
  • Capture for fields such as name, description, cost, retail price, received date, expiration date, image, attributes specific to the product, barcodes, notes, and quality/condition.
  • Batch Tracking - Track each batch from each vendor through the system and know what product is the most popular. Or pull a bad batch without it effecting your entire inventory.


  • Every action in MJ Freeway has a virtual paper trail, so you see the time and date for every transaction, as well as which staff member performed it.
  • User levels will provide you with the ability to limit access to different areas of the system by individualizing each user's privileges.
  • Reports covering sales, inventory, vendors, and patient transactions.
  • Sales tax reports make tax time quick, easy, and accurate.
  • Data export to Excel for all reports.
  • Data export at the product level to QuickBooks.  We are the only  MMJ system that offers product level Quickbooks integration.
  • Web-based solution. Data is stored remotely and backed up nightly, ensuring that you can access it securely from anywhere, anytime. This keeps your precious data safe from fire, hardware theft and other loss. 

GrowTracker® Plant Management

  • Compliant with all state's requirements for seed to sale monitoring.
  • Predictively anticipate future harvests, nutrient needs and work flow.
  • Weigh and pack harvest for transport and mark as in route.
  • Monitor every plant by RFID to a specific patient license.
  • Capture plant nutrients and light schedule for each strain.
  • Follow harvests and production by each strain.
  • Estimate harvests by grow cycle and recipe.
  • Compliant with each state-specific requirements for seed to sale monitoring.
  • Automatically transfer all relevant grow information to the store, shelf and ultimately patient, at any store, as long as they are on MJ Freeway's GramTracker™ system.
  • Seamless plant accounting automatically back to adjustable patient plant counts. (where required)

We Believe ...

We believe that one of the biggest challenges MMJ businesses face is a lack of relevant, comprehensive information about your business. The goal of MJ Freeway is to put that knowledge at your fingertips. We do this with a simple, easy to use, intuitive system covering the key areas of focus in your business – inventory, point of sale, patient management and plant management. 

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