Frequently Asked Questions about MMJ Software

Q. Does your system process credit cards?

A. Currently the system processes transactions using, NMI, and Lucy as card present gateways. We are willing to work with other gateways and processors and have developed relationships with a few that specialize in the medical marijuana field. We would be happy to assist you.

Q. If you don’t care about hardware, how do peripherals work?

A. Our system will run on either Mac or PC. We have tested the following peripherals listed on our hardware page with our system and they function. We would look to the hardware manufacturers or your local IT support organization to ensure the basic network and hardware are properly installed. Once installed properly, we will take it from there.

Q. What about enhancements?

A. We are constantly accepting feature requests. Visit the Support area of our website to post a ticket with your feature request. Enhancements, are rolled out automatically and require nothing on your part.

Q. What happens if my store is robbed, my computers are confiscated or they just explode?.

A. Our system is web based. You only need to know your user name and password to access your data. You can pickup a new computer, plug it in and be back at work in minutes.

Q. Who the heck are you guys?

A. We are professional computer geeks with decades of experience with companies that have big initials and development teams. For the last decade we have been building tools to solve small business problems. Our web portfolio is available at We have also run a few IT Tech support companies, so we know what its like to be on the front lines.

Q. Do you have an import function for customers?

A. We'll be glad to import your data for you as part of our setup process. You just need to provide us with a list of inventory items, categories and vendors in CSV of Excel format.

Q. What if I hate it?

A. Call us and tell us. If we can’t make it right, we turn off your service and refund your unused portion. But it's our job to make you love it, and we are pretty good at our jobs!

Q. What if the Internet goes down?

A. You will need to go to a backup system. Either paper and calculator, or find the Internet another way. Dial-up, smart phone, cellular card are all good options. For maximum speed and redundancy, we recommend both Cable and DSL as the best way to protect against an outage.

Q. I don’t want my data out there on the internet.

A. Your data is far safer, encrypted, behind our firewalls and physical security, being backed up by us, following HIPAA recommended guidelines, then it is in your vulnerable computer at your Medical Marijuana Dispensary.

Q. How do I get to my data?

A. You own your data and patient records. And we will never share or disclose them. We will make an export of your data to .csv and securely deliver it to you, upon your request. Also, you can run your own database exports anytime you choose. We even scrub the patient identifying information from your exports to protect privacy. These are all HIPAA guidelines that we are required to follow!If your vendor is not HIPAA compliant, they don't need to follow these rules. We are!

Q. Do you integrate with Quickbooks?

A. YES! Our Quickbooks export creates an IIF file that brings over your sales and inventory transactions, as well as purchase orders, adjustments and discounts. We provide this at the product level, which is significantly more detail than our competitors.

Q. What do you do with my data?

A. We keep it securely stored behind professionally monitored firewalls on dedicated servers to HIPAA standards. We never share or review your data without your permission. Your data is encrypted on the server so our hardware maintenance people can not see it. We are monitored by eTrust and McAfee for our compliance with the highest standards in the IT industry.

Q. Your system looks great, but what if you go out of business?

A. That is a fair question and one that every vendor should be asked. We guarantee to provide you with your data in a flat file format (.csv) which will aid in your finding another system without losing your data. And we will be very very sad.