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Colorado and Clones

We received word from ACT4CO today that there has been a position statement issued by the MMED regarding the handling of clones for compliance purposes.  They state that clones placed in any grow medium, including cloning machines, must be assigned to a patient and count against the patient plant counts.

It is advisable for all Colorado clients to verify both that their overall plant count is still in compliance even when clones are counted;  also, that all clones are properly tagged and assigned to a patient, and no patient has more than their legally allowed plant limit.


GrowTracker users can contact MJFreeway Support at 888-932-6537 for assistance in verifying the compliance of their plant counts.

New Release - Winter 2012

The Winter 2012 release has arrived!

 While our new release brings major improvements to clients that prepack their weighted products, there are improvements and additions that affect all clients.  One of the most visible changes is a new Notifications system, which you'll see upon first logging in to your system today - it allows us to communicate these releases to you directly.

The individual changes and fixes are far too numerous to list, but for the major changes and improvements we've prepared some knowledgebases covering the new functionality!

 As always if you have any questions about these new features, contact Support at 888-932-6537 Ext. 1

As with any release day, we're expecting a high call volume so if you don't reach a Support tech immediately, please leave a voicemail message and we'll return your call as soon as possible. 


Site Archiving

The New Year is a great time to see how you might be able to streamline your shop by starting fresh.  Available to all our clients we are now able to create an archive of your site - a $50 charge applies if not currently subscribed as Business Elite.  It allows you to keep all of your historic data in one place, but wipe your day-to-day site for a new beginning.  Your old information is safe and accessible like always, but it doesn't need to anchor your current operations. 

Online Ordering

Online Ordering is now available as an additional feature to help support your business.  It allows you to publish your menu online for patients to browse and place orders - those details are communicated to the staff at the dispensary who are able to make sure the order is ready when the patient arrives. 

It's simple and convenient, both great ways to boost your business.

See a demo at:

Updated MMED Manifests

With the new release, we've now updated the MMED Transportation Manifests generated by the software to be compliant with the latest revision of the MMED paperwork.  The MMED has stopped requiring that the Batch information be listed on the manifest, and the new paperwork created when making Distributions or Wholesale Orders reflects that.