Why You Should Reward Your Patients Now

We hear it all the time from our dispensaries and collectives, “What can we do to ensure our patients keep coming back to us?” Our answer is, quite simply, reward them!

The MMJ industry is unlike any other in many ways, but one area where it the same, is customer (patient) service. There is just no replacement for taking care of those who patronize your business.
So, what is the best way to do this?

There are many marketing companies and 3rd party applications who will provide you a way to develop a rewards system. Some of these work quite well, but are often very expensive as standalone solutions. We looked at the possibility of partnering with one of these companies to offer their service to our clients, but ultimately found that they either did not work as well as we expected, or were too cumbersome to use in addition to all of the other tools a dispensary needs in daily business.

With that in mind MJ Freeway developed a module called Patient Rewards, and integrated right into our POS and management software. We wanted it to be powerful, fully-configurable by our users, and it also had to be affordable. We’re proud to say that we accomplished all of those goals and now want to make sure you can use it today.

We want everyone to reward their patients, so we are offering our Patient Rewards add-on Free for 6 months (a $49/mo value) to any new customer who signs up for either our Startup/Delivery Services monthly package  or BusinessPro monthly package.

There are just a few days left to take advantage of our Patient Rewards offer. We encourage you to contact a sales representative to discuss all of the benefits and details. Sales@mjfreewaysales.com 877-832-2677