What if Cities Grew Marijuana - Cannabis to Offset Infrastructure Budgets?


Some headlines just stop you in your tracks, like this one:
Spanish community looks to marijuana growing as road to economic recovery”

Granted, it’s in Europe, and they have been much more open to growing cannabis to bolster their  agricultural economy. And if you read the article, you will see the town is relatively small and the budget shortfall of $1.5m is as well. Add to that, the insane  austerity programs that are being implemented to combat a very strong recession. But, the overarching thought here of using the cultivation of a harmless plant with a strong demand as a means to benefit the society at large is a valid one.

However, just imagine if a major city in the U.S. announced the same thing. Not just a decriminalization measure, but actually furthering the debate that Marijuana and Cannabis can play role in a thriving community as a valuable industry of employers, farmers, retail business owners, and more. Just think what would happen within legislative houses when the argument becomes about revenue that can be generated safely, creating opportunity for education and infrastructure budgets that benefit all citizens.

Wouldn’t that be a bold step to improving the communities? I mean, don’t U.S. cities have a lot of debt? Isn’t the infrastructure in nearly every city ready for upgrades and modernization?

If only a major city like, oh, say, Chicago considered legalizing and using Medical Marijuana to offset revenue losses, build infrastructure, and keep taxes reasonable. Now that would be something big. The “Second City” going green?
The only bigger thing would be the grandaddy of them all, New York City!

Wait a minute, they ARE considering it.

Cash-strapped Chicago considers green option.

And just months before the legislative session ends in New York, they will have a Medical Cannabis bill to vote on.