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Community Connections

Just out this week, check out MJ Freeway’s brand new release! It features Community Connections - designed to save you time and streamlines communication with your vendors.

Do you do business with other companies using MJ Freeway? If you’re part of the MJ Freeway community, simplify your purchasing and reorder processes with automatic purchase orders, inventory level notifications, and reorder notices. Available now for all MJ Freeway clients. Read details about the release below and join us for an educational webinar on Wednesday, July 30th.

Vendor Connections
- Streamline your workflow by authorizing vendors who also use MJ Freeway to automatically generate purchase orders in your MJ Freeway account.

Inventory Level Notifications
- Create email alerts to send to a specific person when stock levels fall below your pre-set thresholds.

Reorder Notices - Automatically generate and send emails to vendors to request products when inventory runs low.

Opportunity for Q&A will follow.

Wednesday July 30th | 12pm MT | Register Now

Oregon: Ready to start a new micro-industry

Periodically, we like to offer the campaigns for state-wide medical or adult-use initiatives a platform to share an update with our readers. Please enjoy this update provided by New Approach Oregon on the upcoming Oregon adult-use initiative. If you are involved in a state-wide campaign for your area and would like to provide an update in a future MJ Freeway newsletter, please contact us!

Update from Anthony Johnson, Chief Petitioner

It’s an exciting time for the Oregon cannabis community. The state enacted a regulated medical dispensary program and is poised to legalize cannabis for all adults this November.

New Approach Oregon, the campaign to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana like beer and wine, has a great chance of winning this November. The measure allows for home cultivation, does NOT include a per se DUI provision and will establish a cannabis industry similar to the state's microbrewery industry. 

Success for the measure in 2014 will end the arrest of more than 12,000 Oregonians every year, and will help continue the momentum for states working to legalize in 2016. The campaign just released its first commercial and can use your help. Please visit our website to join, donate and spread the word about this important campaign.

Portland will be hosting the first International Cannabis Business Conference on September 13th & 14th. Speakers include: blogger Andrew Sullivan, Steve DeAngelo, author Doug Fine, Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Ed Rosenthal and many more. You can buy tickets and get more information here.

Oregon has a history as a trailblazer and 2014 is just adding to that reputation. You can stay up to date by visiting our website now.

Webinar: Pre-pack or Weigh on the Spot?

Do you pre-pack or weigh on the spot? Interested in learning about other techniques for packaging and sales? Trying to decide what method might work best for your operation?

Hear from one of Colorado’s experienced dispensary managers during this webinar, ‘Pre-pack or Weigh on the Spot?’ Join Ryan Cook of The Clinic to find out more about how pre-packing flower or weighing flower on the spot for sale can affect workflow and patient/customer satisfaction. Learn from this industry expert about how The Clinic's choice has impacted their business model, internal operations, patient/customer interaction, and product management.

Download the presentation 

Webinar: Task Scheduling

Manage your employee schedules for an organized and efficient workflow.

With the release of our much anticipated task and schedule management modules, watch our webinar to learn the tools for a more productive business operation. Using Employee Scheduling, managers and admins can now create work schedules and tasks for employees. See how to view and print schedules, so you can feel confident that your team is prepared for their work week.

Discover the features of Grow Task Management, which allow managers and admins to create cultivation tasks for employees that can be tracked for completion and total time. Learn how to set triggers that can create tasks automatically when a plant is physically moved, i.e. to a new tray or new room, or changes stage, i.e. clone to veg.

Webinar: Marketing to Women

25% of your customer base is missing!

Business is booming, but where are all the women? Explore the reasons women tend to use marijuana at lower rates than men, the drivers that should make cannabis an appealing product for women, and the strategies you can employ today to start changing the status quo.

Since 2009, Betty Aldworth has specialized in community outreach, public relations, advocacy, and policy reform as a consultant to cannabis-related businesses and nonprofit organizations. Prior to her work in marijuana policy and medical cannabis, Betty was a volunteer leadership professional with some of Denver’s most well-respected nonprofit organizations. She served as spokesperson and advocacy director for Colorado’s successful Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, the collaborative committee responsible for legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana for adults in Colorado. Betty was the Deputy Director of NCIA in 2013 before starting with Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

View the presentation slides here.