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Federal Taxes, 280E, & Ways to Plan Around It

Join Wubbels & Duffy Certified Public Accountants for a webinar about Federal taxes, specifically IRS code section 280E, and ways to plan around it. This is the dispensary-killer code section which says if you’re selling a schedule 1 controlled substance, you cannot deduct normal business expenses.

Our approaches to dealing with this involve ways to maximize Cost of Goods Sold (which are deductible); the palliative care argument per the CHAMPS tax court case; and code section 263A which involves capitalizing inventory overhead. We will also discuss tactical re-organization as a new business entity to mitigate taxes and exposure.

CBD: A Twist in Marijuana Policy

11 states have medical cannabis laws on the books that restrict the level of THC in the products being distributed to patients and/or have programs that cannot be implemented (e.g. they call for distribution only in the context of a hospital based research study). Many of the states that have adopted such laws are places where cannabis laws have been traditionally harsh. Due to the increased attention to CBD, there is a movement among state legislatures to adopt medical marijuana laws that allow access only to high CBD/low THC marijuana.

Join the Doctors from Drug Policy Alliance, Amanda Reiman, Manager, Marijuana Law and Policy and Malik Burnett, Policy Manager, for an educational webinar regarding CBD-only legislation. They explore the reasons why this legislation has come about, and discuss pros and cons of this.

Q&A will follow.

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Hiring for the Cannabis Industry

Join Don Shaefer of 4FrontAdvisors for a presentation on best practices on hiring. He speaks about finding the best people to work on your team and developing the habits required for finding the right people to work within your organization. He discusses using social media and various technology to ensure that you are meeting and hiring the right people.

Yes on 91, Oregon's Legalization Measure

Oregon is poised to be the next state to legalize marijuana through a measure on the November 4, 2014 ballot. Please join Ellen Flenniken in this recorded webinar, the Director of Finance for Yes on Measure 91, for a briefing on the campaign strategy and the national implications of Oregon's campaign. Ellen discusses the fine print of the measure and answers questions for folks interested in entering the industry in Oregon.

Here is the link for the TV ad as well:


Alaska & Nevada Marijuana Legalization Efforts

On October 7th, Rob Kampia, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the Marijuana Policy Project, an organization dedicated to making progress in reforming U.S. marijuana laws, presented on two critical initiatives. Mr. Kampia discussed the importance of Alaska’s Measure 2 on the November 4th ballot, which will legalize and regulate marijuana.

Mr. Kampia also briefs the efforts by The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol to qualify a measure to legalize marijuana in Nevada for the November 2016 ballot. MPP foresees 2016 to be an important year for the cannabis industry, so gaining ballot support and momentum now is vital.

About Rob: Rob Kampia co-founded the Marijuana Policy Project in 1995 and has served as its executive director ever since. Rob is the architect of most of the state-level marijuana laws that have been enacted in the United States since 2000 Rob grew up in Harleysville, Pennsylvania; graduated valedictorian of his high school class in 1986; served three months in a county jail in central Pennsylvania from 1989 to 1990 for growing marijuana for personal use; was elected student body president of Penn State University in 1992; and graduated with honors from Penn State University in 1993 with a major in Engineering Science and a minor in English.