MJ Freeway Software Advantages

Advantages of Gramtracker®, our MMJ Point of Sale, Inventory and Patient Management System

GramTracker® is a professionally built, web based, Sales Recording,  Inventory, and Patient Management System dedicated to the cannabis industry.  Very few of our competitors can make this claim.   Most have modified systems from another industry, aren’t web based, or offer a "one-size-fits-all" approach.  Here is why we like the MJ Freeway strategy better.

Our system is designed from the ground up to:

  • Capture patient’s documentation and history.
  • Convert bulk purchases into other products.
  • Help caregivers meet HIPAA requirements.
  • Facilitate industry unique discounts and specials.
  • Easily monitor each gram of product from grow to patient.
  • Follow your patient flow.
  • Enable compliance with legal requirements.
  • Pay attention to industry specific details like: Card Expirations,  In-house Grow Percentages,  Caregiver Status,  Incoming Orders, Weighed vs. Sold Quantities, Doctor and Rx Verification,  Medicine Attributes, Etc…
  • Because it's built just for this industry, it is more intuitive and easier to use!

Why is a web-based solution advantageous?

  • Critical and sensitive information is NOT stored onsite
  • Securely access your information from any web enabled computer (Mac or PC or even smartphone.
  • No expensive hardware requirements because the processing all takes place on our servers.
  • Data is professionally secured, updated, and backed up.
  • Offsite data storage helps MMJ businesses with HIPAA compliance.
  • Better protection from computer failure, fire, theft, sabotage, and confiscation.
  • Enhancements are frequent, automatic and require nothing on your part.
  • Significant IT cost reduction over a locally maintained system.
  • Nothing to install, maintain or update. We do the technical work and leave you to run your business.

Why is MJ Freeway the best company to deliver this solution?

  • Principals all have over 25 years EACH in IT experience with companies like ADP, WRQ, and Meditech.  This is a professional company delivering a professional solution.  Not a cheap garage based amateur system. 
  • MJ Freeway is committed to Web Solutions for THIS industry.
  • Principals have over 10 years experience delivering web transaction solutions for other industries: www.webdogsonline.com    
  • Our Pay As You Go model means you have no risk and minimal investment.
  • We are on a mission to legitimize marijuana.