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Custom POS,  patent-pending Inventory, Sales and Grow tools: GramTracker®, MixTracker™ & GrowTracker®.


Integrated peripherals: scales, label printers, barcode scanners, full Budtender & Grow Stations.


For just $10/day or less, professionally manage your Center, Collective, Dispensary, & Grow operation. 


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We Can Help Legitimize and Grow Your Cannabis Business


By streamlining business practices, providing transparent reporting tools, and offering partner integrations, we are leading the marijuana industry to legitimacy. 


Cloud Technology

Storing your information off-site is the safest way to protect your business and patient records from raids, theft, fire, and natural disasters. Only you have access to your data.




HIPAA Standards

HIPAA-protocol standards ensure that your patient and financial records will be handled professionally and safely, at all times. You can rest easy knowing that ONLY YOU have access to your records.


Compliance | Security

MJ Freeway users enjoy embedded, automatically-updated reports, making worry-free state compliance a reality for any medical or adult-use marijuana business now, and in the future. Guaranteed.







"Before we even opened our doors as a Medical Marijuana Center, we wanted to have the ability to safely enter patient data, enter vendor information, follow inventory amounts and sales. We looked at several Point of Sales applications and quickly became discouraged. Most systems that were being marketed as “MMJ POS Systems” were merely decorated with pot leaves. They had no specific functionality needed for this industry. Because we had over 15 years experience in the software industry, we ended up putting in countless hours into customizing a restaurant application. We had to sacrifice many of our “wants” just to make the system work.

When we met the team at MJ Freeway, we were immediately impressed. They have truly addressed every major area needed for a Point of Sale application. Patient data is stored securely. Vendor information is detailed. Inventory is tracked accurately. The reporting is specific to the areas that we need to keep track of and will become critical once the State requires more of us to report.

We look forward to using MJFreeway now and into the future."

Diane Czarkowski, Principal
Boulder Kind Care, LLC.
2013 16th Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Voted “Best of Boulder” – Boulder Weekly Magazine

"You've made this Quickbooks export just like the rest of MJ Freeway - powerful, configurable and still really simple."

Pam Michon, Just the Bookkeepers

"Referring to MJ Freeway software as an ordinary medical marijuana point-of-sale software system is an enormous understatement! More often than not, the POS systems in use for dispensaries have been adapted from restaurant software and are not fully functional for the medical marijuana industry. This is not the case with MJ Freeway. MJ Freeway is one of the only systems we have found that allows for highly accurate per gram, seed to shelf, inventory management.

The system also allows for seamless, patient/client data storage and management system. As a secure web-based system, the client can run on multiple terminals through various remote locations at no additional cost to the operator dispensary. MJ Freeway is continuously providing updates to the software, based on customer needs."

Brian Cook, President
Altitude Organic TM

"Operating two of the largest collectives in Southern California we truly appreciate your true dedication to detail and very quick response to our staff. We look forward to a long relationship as we both enter into uncharted territories."

Paul Labine
General Manager
The Clearview Lake Corporation

"I wanted to send my thanks to the entire team. Our dispensary is all up and running. Everyone loves the new system. We can check in patients in just a few seconds in our front office and then they "show up" next in the queue in the dispensary room.

The best part is that our closing procedure at end of day only takes 10 minutes where it used to take at least an hour. Our inventory is finally under control, all of our sales are tracked and our patient's medical records are now handled in a HIPAA compliant fashion.

The implementation was really smooth. Hardware was delivered on time. All of our patient and inventory data was imported and the hardware and software system set up was painless. We ran in parallel with our old system for a few days and inside of two weeks we are totally up and loving MJ Freeway."

Frank Horwich, Manager
>Boulder MMC

"MJ Freeway has brought the McDonald's theory to the marijuana business. Anybody can use this system and make money"

Mike Kennedy
The Green Bean - Michigan

"You guys rock!"

Jeremy Morse
Independent Records & Video
3 Locations

"Thank you MJ Freeway for bringing our center up to the next level. We are now more professional, organized and detailed in the operations of our business."


Your Buds at Alpine Wellness
Telluride, CO

"Using MJ Freeway has added a higher level of business integrity and ease at Alpine Herbal Wellness. In addition to the system capturing a deep level of essential industry information, it is also friendly for users at all levels. The supporting staff at MJ Freeway is a joy to work with (especially Seth) and the AHW team looks forward to a long and successful partnership with MJ Freeway!"

Owner, Alpine Herbal Wellness
Denver, CO

"...auditor was happy that SSI Care Center decided to implement MJ Freeway and was impressed with the ease in tracking patients, sale, and especially every gram..."

Ryan Orness
SSI Care Center

"Recently I made a change from my MJFreeway pos system due to the pricing structure of some of the new competitors in the market. After having the new, less expensive software installed, and explained to me, I was to say the least confused and utterly disappointed. I then began setting up demos with just about every other pos provider on the market. After a run down of the software I had a harsh realization of why the products are priced where they are, because they are drastically inferior in so many ways. As a business owner I look to take each and every necessary step to make the business run as smooth and efficiently as possible.

MJFreeway is miles ahead of the competition in aiding me with accomplishing this. On top of this, they have an extremely dedicated team that is constantly working to improve the product and is always there to help with just one phone call. Please do yourself a favor and don't penny pinch on such an important aspect of your business, DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!!!!"

Josh Bartch
Owner, Doctors Orders

"MJFreeway support team ensured that they found ways to make our existing hardware work, thus saving significant investment costs.

Our previous Point-of-Sale system cost nearly $8,000 and that was just for the software, which became unsupported and out dated in less than a year of initial purchase. That is now a sunk cost.

MJFreeway offers a much higher return on our investment!"

Tony Reese
Kind Love

We're using MJ Freeway and we LOVE IT! Thank you much to you guys, especially Seth for being awesome!

IVita Wellness

"GCF is now up and running and POS system has transformed how we do business. Now that sales reports and inventory are online and visible in real-time, executives and managers can focus on what really counts, growing the business. Moreover, the software has changed behavior and created accountability in a positive way. We are now in the process of opening up a third location with goals to open two more by the end of the year."

Mario Rojas
Green Cross Foundation - California

"MJ Freeway has made it possible for me to eliminate shrinkage, increase my employees' efficiency and even allowed me to work from home. I highly recommend it to any collective that wants to improve their bottom line."

Green Earth Collective

"WOW on the reports for the MMED. It love it - it's amazing. You guys are a lifesaver and have made my life so much easier."

Alternative Medical Remedies

"We have used different POS Systems in the past, and even tried to develop our own. Until MJ Freeway, we always had to make compromises in our daily operations in order to make our system work. Now, we are able to use the flexibility of MJ Freeway to our advantage. Every time laws and procedures change, so does MJ Freeway. It's easy to submit MMED reports when they are ready with a single click. No other system has been as easy to set up and simple to use as MJ Freeway. It's in all of our locations, and even in our grows!"

Murphy Murri
Manager for Tree Line Premier MMC's

"Thank you!!! You just made my life about ten million times easier with the MMED reports."

See you soon!
The Entire Staff of the BWC


"I would pay twice as much to keep MJ Freeway, than to have to use ANY other POS. MJ Freeway is so user-friendly, it adapts to all learning types. I've used the tech support 24/7 and NEVER been disappointed. You get what you pay for." 

Thank You!

Summer M. 

Best Buds Co-op



Hey Mark, Seth and the rest of the crew at MJ Freeway,

I wanted to reach out to you today to let you all know how immensely pleased I am with your product. From my initial conversation with Mark Goldfogel himself, to the professional support buying the product and the support setting up the product this entire experience has been painless, neigh, actually pleasurable since it has reduced my workload by half. I love the professional look of printing actual receipts and labels. Love the MMED reporting. Love the inventory tracking and the ENDLESS customizable aspects of the software. Most importantly, the customer service is without match. Mark Goldfogel returned my initial call within minutes and with his no hassle, no push informative approach to selling hooked me on the product instantly. Seth has been helping me set up the software and is an endless fountain of knowledge about the product. Seth has returned my service calls within minutes, honestly I have NEVER received such good customer service in my entire life, I cannot say how much I truly appreciate his help, his time has been invaluable to us. If you know how to work a computer at a 3rd grade level than you will be up and running in no time and saving hours of possible productive, networking, advertising time. Do yourself a favor and look into MJFreeway.


-John Slaton & Brian Berglund

Denver Patients Center



"MJ Freeway’s ease of use and extremely helpful support got us up and running in very little time.  MJ Freeway was able to integrate our existing hardware to their software and get it working on the first call, clearly they have done this MANY times!  Although we had, and still have, quick access to their unlimited support, we only needed a small amount of training to get the whole shop up to speed and get live on MJ Freeway.  They imported our existing data from spreadsheets, so there was no need to spend hours building out the system ourselves through repetitive, manual, input.  Our systems headaches have been eliminated now that MJ Freeway is hosting and managing our data and business software for us.  That leaves us free to focus on our patients and business, so its a win!"

-Kaliko Castille, Owner/President of Brightside PDX

Portland, Or

"At Mammoth Lakes Wellness, we weigh on the spot for our patients, as do many collectives, co-ops and dispensaries.  Due to the nature of our product, we encourage our budtenders to weigh heavy. For example, we would charge for 3.5 grams, but weigh out at 3.6 grams. With MJ Freeway, we directly have the ability to integrate our scale to the software, and have been able to identify scenarios in which budtenders were weighing too heavy.  In one scenario, which we caught it early, we would have been looking at about 6lbs of weigh heavy over one year.  Thankfully, with MJ Freeway, we were able to address the issue before it seriously affected inventory."

- Robert Calvert, Owner of Mammoth Lakes Wellness

Mammoth Lakes, CA

"We just had a phone training/meeting with their support team and have been talking about what super and excellent trainers they have. So happy to have them handle our account.

Great team!"

-Daniela Bernhard, Northwest Patient Resource Center

Seattle, WA

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